Things may be difficult right now, but one thing remains true through it all: your vehicle needs it’s regular maintenance to keep running smoothly for you day in and day out. With the expert Mazda service you’ll find at Lester Raines Mazda, you can rest assured that all of your Mazda needs are taken care of so you can keep driving with confidence. Scheduling your service appointment is easy and you can do it anytime, 24/7 thanks to our online scheduling tool.

Using Our Online Service Scheduling Tool

Our online service scheduling tool is designed to make your service and maintenance needs crystal clear so we can get straight to the job at hand when your vehicle makes it into one of our service bays. You’ll start by telling us which Mazda model you own – our team is trained to handle older models as well as the latest technology so we can truly handle any Mazda-related need. Once you’ve done that, we’ll recommend packages based on the mileage of your vehicle to ensure you’re keeping up with regularly scheduled maintenance. However, you can also skip ahead to select just those services that you want us to perform right now, or report an issue you’re experiencing that you need us to investigate.

The next step in the process is to arrange your transportation options. You can elect to stay at the dealership while we work on your vehicle, arrange a ride on your own, or take advantage of our rental and shuttle services to keep your life on schedule while your vehicle is with us. Let us know so we know whether you’re expecting your vehicle to be in and out quickly or if it is okay for it to wait a few hours while you’re at work or school.

Finally, you’ll select a date and time from the available slots to bring your vehicle to us. Start by selecting a day that works best for you and then choose a time slot to drop your vehicle off. We’ll be sure to be ready for you when you arrive so that you can drop and go as quickly as possible.

Schedule Your Service Appointment Today!

Lester Raines Mazda is committed to providing South Charleston, WV with the most comprehensive and expert Mazda service possible. Schedule your service appointment with us to get started today!

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